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Dreams become realities for those who are strong enough to believe in them.

C. Wilson

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Nothing is small that is done out of love.

Chiara Lubich


The best thing that history leaves us is the enthusiasm it causes.


In 2011, the Fam4Kids Foundation was founded in response to a wish of Angela and Paul Oorthuizen.  They have been parents to foster children for two decades who need a lot of special attention, care and support.

Like no other, they know how difficult it is to find a place where there are sufficient facilities and facilities to enjoy with the entire family.

The location, Resort Poort of Zeeland, combined with this unique house with the right amenities, makes this house a resting place for everyone.

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Fam4kids Foundation
Address holiday home
Europarc Resort “Poort van Zeeland”,
Parkweg 2,
Vakantiehuisje 460,
3221LV Hellevoetsluis
Tel: +31-6-30027641 or +31-6-23387287
Email: info@fam4kids.nl
Registration number with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
in The Hague, The Netherlands:  53876857
IBAN: NL13 RABO 0167 9458 15 BIC: RaboNL2U