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Flexible lifting lifts from Ergocare

The flexible lifts are known to be very reliable and easy to maintain. The lift can be used in multiple rooms and guarantees a comfortable transfer of clients. The lifting cassette can be disconnected from the rail and then transported by transport truck between the different spaces. This makes it an ideal solution for care institutions where there is no need for a tilcassette in every room. The tilcassette is charged via the manual control.

Room divider

With the Lindam 5-piece room divider, you can close or secure large and small spaces for your small ones. The multifunctional safety fence is specially designed for larger openings, up to a maximum length of no less than 315 cm.

In our holiday home, this room divider is used to make a separation between the living area and the kitchen.

Stair gate

Of course hardwood stair gate by Lindam This stair gate is wide adjustable. So you don’t need an extra extension. The stair gate fits in an opening of 62 cm to a whopping 106 cm.

In the house it is used to close the stairs that run to the upstairs bedroom.

Shower stretcher  

You can lie on a shower stretcher while showering. For example, if you cannot stand or sit for a long time and/or are at risk of falling.

High-layer bed

A high-low bed is electrically, hydraulically or mechanically adjustable in height. Getting in and out of bed is usually easier when the bed is a bit higher. During the night sleep it is better to lower the bed, so that the risk of injury when falling out of bed is reduced. The bed can easily be set at the correct working height for bedside care.

Pike room

Snoeelen (also called sensory activation, emotional activity, primary activation and sensomotor stimulation) is an activity offered to people with, usually severe or very severe, intellectual disability or advanced dementia.

You are placed in a room for a shorter or longer period of time, where muted light, soft music, scents and furniture that allows a relaxed posture, such as a beanbag, exert a calming influence. Background is that many people are multiple handicapped, making it difficult to think of activities they get through the day with.

Sliding nursery

This sliding chair is for use in speech therapy, paediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy, at nurseries, in schools and in the home.
Suitable for any childhood age and instantly adjustable in 8 different positions
Without the use of tools.

Multi Kids swing

Children love to rock out together.

A swing where children can all play at the same time. It doesn’t matter if the children are standing, sitting or lying on the swing; It’s all possible!
It is resistant to sun and rain, easy to remove and the tension is even washable in the washing machine at 30-40° degrees. Four to five children or one parent and, for example, three children fit on the swing.

Wheelchair cargo bike

The wheelchair bucket bike is made in-house.

In the wheelchair bike there is not only a place for the wheelchair, but also a seat for more people. Furthermore, if no wheelchair is installed, it is possible to give more people in seats.

The bike is equipped with a collapsible ramp to place the wheelchair in the cargo bike. Furthermore, the bike is equipped with an electric bike support.


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