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Information about Hellevoetsluis

The magnificent location on the vast Haringvliet has played an important role in the course of history for Hellevoetsluis. Not for nothing is it a ‘Fortress Town on haringvliet’. The Fortress, with its ports and defences, harbour a rich wealth of history.

In the fortress

Hellevoetsluis All the information that is interesting for you as a tourist, visitor or water sports enthusiast can be found in the “In the fortress”… Attractions, restaurants, cafes and shops as well as various current events and activities are covered. All the information you need when you visit our ports and fortress by boat can be found in the “in the Ports” side of this magazine. All this information can now also be found online here! All participants are listed, the municipal information about the various ports and programs of various activities, such as the the annual event “Fortress Days Hellevoetsluis”.

On Voorne-Putten

Voorne-Wells, the island of contrasts. Where the peace and space gives countless possibilities to undertake all kinds of activities. Strain and relax, recharge and discharge, you will be short of time at Voorne-Putten. Come and enjoy nature, the beautiful beaches, historic villages and ancient fortress towns.

Fortress Days

Since 1979, the Fortress Days have been organised annually in Hellevoetsluis. Every year, about 200,000 people attended this free event.
Initially, the “Steam Weekend” was organized at the Tramhaven in Hellevoetsluis where a Steam Tram was also running. The first Fortress Days were actually a Fortress Day. Only on the Saturday there was an event. The following year it was decided to organize an event from Friday to Sunday.
All kinds of feed and vessels were on display, with an emphasis on steam. Old trucks and old military vehicles could also be viewed. Several well-known and unknown bands and artists came along. A recurring phenomenon were The Amazing Stroopwafels for the café “The Barbiertje.”
The Fortress Days also attracted many young people, because of the fairground, fair and entertainment venues in the evening.

Events in Hellevoetsluis

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In Hellevoetsluis


Go on an adventure with us tens of millions of years back to the time of the dinosaurs. Or to the last ice age where you come face to face with a life-size mammoth, cave bear or saber-toothed cat.

Fire department museum

The National Fire Brigade Museum houses a rich collection of firefighting equipment; of the most primitive means from around 1550 to modern means of today. The museum’s collection is unique and perhaps the largest in Europe.


Aquapark Splash is situated on the sandy beach at Hellevoetsluis on the freshwater side of the Haringvlietdam. It is easily accessible via the provincial highway N57. The parking space is very spacious and COMPLETELY FREE and this as long as you want!
Especially intended for the youth, but also adults can use the Aquapark Splash.


A visit to Adventuredome guarantees a lot of fun. From an extensive In& outdoor kidsplay with adventurous climbing equipment to laser game and glow-in-the-dark mini golf and an escape room! Don’t worry about mom and dad because they enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tasty lunch in the brasserie. The weather is never a bummer.

City Museum

The permanent exhibition depicts the lives, lives and works of the inhabitants of then and now. There are objects about agriculture, education, glorious maritime history and countless real Hellevoet events, such as the Fokveedag, the Lantern Parade and the Fortress Days.

Dry dock Jan Blanken

For young and old, a visit to our maritime repair site is a unique experience. Imagine yourself back in the days of the Great Sea Heroes. Come and admire innovative craftsmanship at the historic Dry Dock Jan Blanken. The Visitor Centre has interactive displays that you can use yourself. This way you can see, hear and read all about the dry dock and its inventor.

Bowling Hellevoetsluis

You play on official courses with computer counting. It’s easy! There are special packages for children’s parties and for the little ones we can cover the gutters, so that every ball is hit.
There are 10 brunswick bowling courts equipped with automatic score processing.

Museum ship “de Buffel”

The British-built Buffalo served as a ram tower ship in defence of Dutch coastal waters from 1868 to 1896. As such, the Buffalo was the Navy’s first steam-propelled ship. In 1896 the ship was rebuilt and put into service as a lodging and training vessel for naval personnel. Until 1920 the Buffalo served in Hellevoetsluis after which the ship still had many home ports such as Vlissingen, Den Helder and Amsterdam.

Rond Hellevoetsluis

The Water Bus

On the road by water bus
always welcome on board

Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans is a working island part of the Eastern Chelekering. After completing the Delta Works, an information and theme park has been opened on Neeltje Jans. In the information centre you can see an exhibition about the Delta Works with (visual) information.

Islands Tram

The RTM museum on the north side of the Brouwersdam has a fine collection of steam and diesel locomotives, carriages and freight cars all used by RTM, which is still being driven.

Open-air museum The Dune Houses 

In the dune area of Voorne there were once typical dune farms, which were part of the beautiful landscape.
The Historical Association Western Voorne has saved three dune houses from ruin and moved them to the Open Air Museum De Duinhuisjes in Rockanje.


At A Seal, seals are collected and cared for. These are mainly young seal pups that have lost their mothers or seals that are injured or sick. When the seals are fully healthy again and able to survive in the wild, they are released again. Before that happens, the seals go through (or rather; swim) a kind of step-by-step plan. Below you can see exactly how this works

Goeree Regional Museum – Overflakkee

The Association of The Goeree-Overflakkee Regional Museum in Sommelsdijk was founded in 1949 on the initiative of Mr. A.. J. Kruider. Our objective is to tell the story of the history of Goeree-Overflakkee in an appealing way and to preserve the island’s heritage.
The Regional Museum is regularly visited by schools, which is partly to this way that the historical awareness of the former island of Goeree-Overflakkee is co-developed. This is especially true because changing exhibitions are shown every season.


Frietvilla – Rockanje 1e slag

De strandrolstoel word gratis ter beschikking gesteld door gemeente Westvoorne,wil u hem reserveren dat kan bij frietvilla ons telefoonnummer is


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