Stichting Fam4Kids seeks to provide practical support to families by offering them a place where the entire family can relax and have fun. This is possible, because the holiday home is equipped with appropriate resources and devices. A place with sufficient and appropriate facilities is indispensable for caregivers and families that provide care. After all, looking after an individual with a handicap or special needs can be very intensive and may easily affect the entire family. An occasional stay in an adapted house at a beautiful location will offer families a well-deserved break, so that they can recharge their batteries and spend time on other things than providing care. If caregivers and families are given relief from time to time, they will regain enough strength to continue providing care much longer.

During school holidays, Stichting Fam4Kids also provides organised respite sleepovers – a home away from home – for children from families that do not have any financial means. During these respite sleepover weeks or weekends the children will be constantly supervised and given the day-to-day care in line with their specific situation. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information about this type of respite sleepover.



Paul and Angela Oorthuizen have parented foster children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities for almost two decades now.

They understand like no other how difficult it is to find a suitable place with sufficient and appropriate facilities and devices, where the entire family can relax and enjoy themselves.

From experience they know that their children really enjoyed themselves and managed to relax during their stays at Camping de Quack. However, an ordinary holiday home proved no longer suitable as it lacked the appropriate facilities and means. This is how the idea arose of setting up the idealistic Stichting Fam4Kids foundation.


At the beginning of 2013 the contract was signed with the contractor and construction could start in May. During the construction of the accommodation, a lot of work has been done on further fundraising.m crowdfounding and appealing to people in a personal capacity. Board members have even personally visited local companies to prepare for the phase-out phase.


In 2015, Paul and Angela Oorthuizen’s dream actually became a reality, when the official opening of the holiday home took place on 30 May 2015. It is a adapted and wheelchair accessible holiday home with five bedrooms, a paved path to the beach (300 meters away) and an enclosed and safe garden for the children.
The foundation was able to close the year with an occupancy rate of 37%.

Work was also being done to better reach the target group. The foundation has been publicised through an information day in Utrecht on small-scale living. An advocacy group of people with a personal budget has also been spoken to and a workshop has been offered.
Flyers have been created and distributed to day activities centres for children with disabilities and through the ROC a stagnant work has started to improve the website. The extra attention has resulted in more awareness of the well-appointed holiday home.

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